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What are the Causes of Lower Back Pain and how to prevent it

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What are the Causes of Lower Back Pain and how to prevent it

  • Dr. Charla Fischer
  • Aug 09, 2017

Most people tend to ignore lower back pain, hoping it’s just due to exertion and will go away with rest. What we do not understand is that lower back pain is body’s indication to let us know something is wrong.
Those who have an office job sit for around 8 hours in a day, and rarely take a break in between those long sitting hours. There are many people in offices who are so involved with their work that they get up only to attend a meeting or eat lunch. And, what you don’t know is that this static lifestyle and non-movement is the reason that provokes lower back pain. Excessive sitting can cause muscle atrophy and place stress on the lumbar spinal discs. So, it is evident that your lower back pain may be an indication that you must alter your daily routine and move after short periods. Few exercises and lifestyle modifications can help your pain, and you can stay healthy.
What steps can be taken to avoid lower back pain?
Take a break every twenty to thirty minutes as this will help your body relax. Get up from your seat, walk around or stretch for a minute. Another thing you can do is have a standing desk at the office, which can be used for a part or whole day. Standing desks are expensive investments but, considering the benefits they offer; they are worth the pricing. If your job does not permit you to take breaks or you are involved in meetings or public dealings all across the day, you should be on your feet during weekends. No matter, how tempting it seems to stay inside and rest, remember your body needs a movement to stay fit and healthy.
Lose weight
One of the main reasons behind back pain can be obesity, because extra weight around your stomach may put stress on the lower back. So, it becomes imperative to lose those extra kilos to stay healthy. Exercising and diet control can help you lose weight effectively. Avoid processed foods and instead focus on eating green leafy vegetables and fruits. It is important to get advice from a health care professional, before starting a weight loss program, because it is not compulsory that a plan which suited someone will be equally beneficial for you.
Other reasons which cause lower back pain are lumbar disc herniation or lumbar spinal stenosis. So, if your lower back pain does not go away with exercises and healthy lifestyle, it is good to get in touch with a specialist who will help you find an accurate diagnosis and treatment of your problem.

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