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Robotic Assisted Spine Surgery: A New Opinion for the Spine Surgeries

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Robotic Assisted Spine Surgery: A New Opinion for the Spine Surgeries

  • Dr. Charla Fischer
  • Mar 29, 2017

There have been numerous advancements in the field of spine surgery in the past decade. This has been in the favor of patients who are enjoying the benefits of recently developed minimally invasive spine surgery techniques. Not only this, today’s highly sophisticated intra-operative imaging has enhanced visualization a great deal. Now reduced radiation and better accuracy has led to the time spent in operating a person for certain procedures. Going forward, the next big successful step in spine surgery is robotic-assisted spine surgery systems which are being brought to use by surgeons like Dr. Charla Fischer who aim to have excellent outcomes for a number of spine surgeries.  

What is a Robotic-Assisted Spine Surgery?

Robotic-assisted surgery is widely used in medical specialties such as urology, oncology, and gynecology. This procedure involves the use of robotic component along with advanced imaging and navigation systems. This technology leads to improved visualization, accuracy and reduced hand tremor – these components are very important in spine surgery. It calls for the minimally invasive approach via smaller incisions, which leads to less time under anesthesia, less blood loss, quicker recovery and less pain. These systems must be designed specifically for particular areas.  
The use of robotics in spine surgery is not new but limited, but Dr. Fischer is of the opinion that robotically enabled surgical system will help surgeons to map, plan and carry out surgeries with great accuracy and better outcomes. She has been recognized as one of the best orthopedic surgeons who is working with robotic systems in the US. She is of one the prime candidates to shepherd next generation of technology in the field of robotic-assisted spine surgery that is set to revolutionize the current procedures. Thanks to Dr. Fischer, for being one of the foremost surgeons who operates patients needing spine surgeries through robotic-assisted procedures. This superior technology is what maximizes the chances of excellent outcomes, reduced pain and complication free recovery.  


  Robotic-assisted spine surgery is a technology that promises many advantages. Innovative techniques allow performing invasive spine surgeries with minimal incisions that lead to less bleeding, quicker recovery time and less hospital stay. This means a patient can start with regular activities in a short period of time if compared to other procedures brought to use. Another great benefit of these surgeries is that they are performed with minimal radiation for the patient as well as the specialist. Surgeries through robot guidance increase the safety and accuracy while allowing for the better outcomes and this can be noticed within a short span of time. For more details about this procedure and assistance, feel free to get in touch.

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