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333 East 38th Street, 6th Floor New York, NY 10016

I have been suffering from back pain for over 40 years since high school football until now at age 61. Other than genetic arthritis mostly in the lower back region, I suffered from extreme compression of the vertebrates L4 – L5 that really strained & impinged the nerves and squeezed the disc between. Unfortunately the medical surgical profession standard response to my stenosis, scoliosis, arthritic condition labeled mild and unremarkable by diagnosis of the battery of exams from MRI to x-ray would leave me in a state of recommendations for a host of merely the variety of pain management Only! I was told that surgery was only a last resort until I was basically incapacitated??? Really?? That’s absurd and totally ridiculous! Why can’t any credible Surgeon be good & confident enough to think out of the box of this brutally primitive school of thought? I was convinced that I would find a surgeon of common sense vision to think proactive toward preventative care by mechanically versus medicinally correcting the structural integrity of my spinal condition that left me feeling as is I were collapsing and progressively getting worse! So God gave me Dr. C. Fischer after much prayer. Dr. Fischer examined my new MRI and immediately planned to surgically insert a Titanium Disc and rods between L4 & L5.. My surgical pain only lasted a week and I was off the hard core pain killers within three days. My severe spinal compression pain of 40 years is totally gone and I have been relatively active after only two weeks. I was walking and moving comfortably after only one week. Dr. Fischer painted a Picasso in my lower lumbar region and gave me back my pain free active life of which I am eternally grateful. In addition to the mechanical surgical implants the beautiful & brilliant good doctor cleaned out a huge mass of arthritis from the facet joints as well during this less than four hour surgery. Thank You Dr. Fischer for saving the quality of my life! May God Bless you & your new child arriving soon as well as your lovely family!! 🙏🏼 Amen