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333 East 38th Street, 6th Floor New York, NY 10016


My wife Theresa suffered with daily pain in the hip area for 5 years, and in this time saw numerous doctors in Rockland County and always received epidurals in the hip area and had no relief. A friend recommended a doctor at Columbia Presbyterian and a different test was done and found the cause of pain was coming from the spine area.

He referred us to surgeon Charla R Fischer who specializes in this area. She reviewed all options with us when we met and gave us a few choices to consider one being surgery. She made me and my wife very comfortable with this recommendation. The surgery was done on May 25th and everything went as she explained.

No words can express our gratitude to this doctor. She gave my wife her life back without this sever pain everyday of her life. Dr. Fischer is a gifted surgeon. The time she gave to Tess each visit and her obvious talent to be able to fix the problem and put a smile back on her face instead of a daily face of pain. Thank you Dr. Fischer for helping us we remain very grateful and God bless you.
We must also tell you your staff at your office in Tarreytown and at the Allen hospital were just as you said – very professional and helpful. They just make your day. You know right away they are truly concerned about your well being.

Much Love
Tess and Jerry Klein