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333 East 38th Street, 6th Floor New York, NY 10016


Dr Fischer is a world class surgeon . If you are unaware she was handpicked to by the 2 most specialized and the world class Spinal Surgeons in the world. Dr Fischer is so gifted NYU is very lucky to have her on there team . You will be hard pressed to find a better all around spine surgeon any where . I saw 5 other spinal surgeons all Ivy League educations and 10 years more experience that all missed my diagnosis completely. Beyond this she also found areas that all 5 Radiologists missed such as a broken screw in lumbar area . Dr Fischer will excel past any other Spinal surgeon as she has proven time and time again from her track record that she will eventually set the bar for all other Spinal Surgeons. When I went to her I had to have a second surgery that had to be redone after a tragic accident . This time there was 3 times the damage of the first .I had a 5 level fusion down to the S-2 (Pelvis). She takes her time as my surgery was 7.5 hour long . You obviously can tell because there is no pain, no loss of flexibility range of motion and no limitations to what I can do . Its had been 3 years since the surgery. She was so kind nice and humble and always made herself available if I needed any information. Dr Fischer’s skills bedside manor, humility and pride in her work sets here apart from other Spinal Surgeons.