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Things You Can Do to Avoid Back Pain

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Things You Can Do to Avoid Back Pain

  • Dr. Charla Fischer
  • Apr 14, 2021

Some of the most obvious things that lead to back pain can also be some of the easiest habits to fall into. You should consider how some of your activities and lifestyle characteristics can affect your back. Once you realize that these types of things can make the difference between a healthy, pain-free back and one that causes you discomfort and immobility, you may be more inclined to make these important changes for your health.

Manage your weight
Overweight people are typically at a higher risk for back problems. The body’s center of gravity shifts with extra weight and can strain your back. It may also lead to incorrect posture that creates back pain. Excess weight on your frame is often also linked to spine or back injuries. Maintaining an appropriate weight as suggested by a physician such as spine surgeon Dr. Fischer is a helpful way to avoid painful back issues.

Practice good posture
You’ve probably heard it all your life: stand up straight! As much as you might have ignored this advice during your life, poor posture is a significant cause for lower back pain. Improper posture impacts your entire body and whether or not it correctly functions. Standing and sitting as directed by Dr. Fischer is one step to avoid pressure and discomfort for your back. 

Avoid sitting for too long
Sitting for extended periods of time can negatively affect your muscles, tendons and other structures of your back. The area may become less flexible and experience decreased blood and oxygen flow, all of which are important elements of a healthy spine. Additionally, sitting for too long can alter the curve of your spine over time, forcing the muscles and ligaments to work harder to keep your back in shape. Instead, strive to stay active and walk around often during the day.

Lift objects correctly
One of the most common culprits for back pain is lifting heavy objects incorrectly. Many people bend from their backs to lift an object, while proper lifting means bending their knees to use leg and glute muscles to pick up the object. When incorrectly lifting, a great deal of stress is placed on the back and can cause muscle strains or tears, tissue damage, and even fractures. If you need tips for proper lifting, ask Dr. Fischer for information on this important part of good back health. Also, seek professional help from an experienced trainer or physical therapist about lifting weights as part of an exercise program. Learn the proper mechanics or you may end up with serious back issues.

Quit smoking
Smoking is a habit that affects your health in numerous ways and your back is one of them. It can decrease the body’s circulation so that tissues in your back are not getting adequate nutrients and blood flow. It can also impact your senses and alter the way your body perceives pain, so you might hurt your back without realizing it at first. Quitting smoking is a good choice for your back and your whole body.

If you are experiencing back pain, schedule a consultation with Dr. Fischer for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. You may find that you’ll be able to recover by following some simple steps, which could include simply changing your lifestyle and how it affects your back.

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