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Do you have a spine surgery scheduled? It might seem scary, but with little planning, exercising, rest and of course fun, you can get the best results. Let’s know about the top 20 things that can help for a speedy recovery:

    1. High fiber foods: Pain medications, anesthesia, inactivity, and stress can lead to constipation, so it is important to take fiber rich diet per day. Foods such as Broccoli, green peas, corn, oatmeal, raspberries, blueberries, pear, and apples are good for health.
    2. Healthy whole foods and vitamins: Avoid junk and consume healthy foods, take vitamin D and calcium supplements.
    3. Walker: Walkers will give an additional support as you start to walk around.
    4. Shower chair: Hot showers can make you feel better, buy a shower chair so that you are comfortable when you bathe.
    5. Toilet riser: It will make it easier for you to get on and off the toilet.
    6. Ice packs and heating pads: Ice and heat, both are recommended to alleviate the pain. Using them can reduce the pain and help you heal faster.
    7. Internet: Look at the positive side, you have enough time to relax and do things you have been thinking of doing since long. Watch your favorite movies, TV shows, celebrity gossips and more.
    8. Books and magazines: This is the time to read magazines you have wanted to read.
    9. Connect with friends: Get in touch with your old friends and make new ones through social media. Join Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and communities with similar interests.
    10. Music: Discover new music from the internet. You can fill up your iPod from iTunes or join Pandora and Spotify.
    11. Learn card tricks: It is the best time to learn some card tricks online; there are plenty of instructional videos available on Youtube.
    12. Online games: You can play an online game such as Scrabble, chess, Uno or Monopoly. These are few of the games which can be played online with family and friends.
    13. Play crossword puzzles: Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?
    14. Connect with an old friend, with whom you have lost touch.
    15. Use this time to put old pictures in an album or turn your digital prints into real photographs.
    16. Research and plan ahead for your next vacation
    17. Learn to write with your left hand if you are right handed or vice versa to exercise your brain
    18. Get started with a story or novel you have wanted to write
    19. Write a short thank you note to the person who is caring for you and put it in the same place so that they can find it each day.
    20. Look for volunteer organization and events; you can get involved in.

Remember to consult your spine surgery doctor NY before starting with any of ideas mentioned above.