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A Healthy Lifestyle Contributes to a Healthy Back

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A Healthy Lifestyle Contributes to a Healthy Back

  • Dr. Charla Fischer
  • Oct 28, 2020

Back pain can become chronic and debilitating, so it’s helpful to learn how to avoid painful issues. Pursuing a healthy lifestyle plays an important role in many aspects of your life, not the least of which is maintaining a healthy back. Making good choices can decrease your risk of developing chronic back problems.

What does a healthy lifestyle mean?
There are many things that go into maintaining good health. NYC spine surgeon Dr. Fischer can provide ideas on ways to improve your health, but some common characteristics of a healthy lifestyle include:

  • Regular exercise: make a mixture of moderate to high intensity aerobic exercise every week your goal, depending on what your doctor deems appropriate for you. Also include strength training in your exercise regime so that your muscles, bones, ligaments and body systems remain in good shape.
  • Healthy diet: eat a nutritious and well-rounded diet to provide your body with valuable nutrients and energy to contribute to good health.
  • Proper weight: strive to maintain your weight in a healthy range as advised by your doctor.
  • Adequate rest: get enough sleep to aid your body in healing, restoration, hormone regulation, attitude adjustment and more.
  • Stress management: look for ways to help manage your stress and decrease your anxiety so that your body can function properly.

What does this have to do with your back?
Good choices in maintaining your health improves your quality of life, increases your energy levels, supports your body and may increase your life span. It can also help you avoid back pain, which Dr. Fischer says is one of the most common complaints people have today. Some ways that your back may benefit through healthy lifestyle choices are:

  • Improving your core strength through exercise means your lower back and abdomen muscles will get stronger and can more properly support your spine. This helps avoid back strain or injury during your daily activities.
  • Maintaining a weight that your doctor says is best for your height, age and gender will remove pressure from your spine.
  • Eating a balanced diet provides your body with important vitamins, protein, calcium and other nutrients that contribute to the health of your spine.
  • Maintaining good posture when sitting, standing, walking and other activities helps prevent back pain.
  • Staying active means less time sitting around, which is a major contributor to back problems.
  • Quitting smoking improves many aspects of your health, including decreasing your risk of degenerative disc disease and back pain.

Making positive choices in your lifestyle is a great way to improve your overall health and avoid back pain. Consider speaking with Dr. Fischer today if you need help making these life changes.

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