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There are many things to consider if you have a condition which requires seeing a spine surgeon. A physician who has completed extra medical training in diagnosing and treating spinal disorders is called a spine specialist. Some of these physicians are additionally neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons. You should be very involved in selecting the right specialist for your care, not only an experienced and skilled professional, but one who meets other important guidelines as well. One such spine surgeon is Dr. Charla Fischer at NYU Langone Health in New York City.

Find a surgeon who is board certified and specially trained in spine surgeries. Ask about degrees, residencies, and fellowship programs. The physician should not only meet necessary surgical requirements, but also have received accreditations specific to spine surgery. A fellowship indicates the surgeon has spent a minimum of one extra year working with senior spine specialists. 

Ask how many years the doctor has performed spine surgeries and specifics about the types of procedures performed and how often. Look for a strong background in performing the type of surgery you are facing. Dr. Fischer is experienced in many spinal techniques and skilled in providing patients with the best care possible. 

Consider the technology available in the office and the techniques the physician is up-to-date on. A spine specialist should be current in the latest technologies and procedures to provide patients with the best care. 

Bedside manner
Having a good relationship with your spine surgeon and the office staff is a big part of being happy with your healthcare. Look for a doctor who is willing to answer all of your questions and spends enough time with you to give you confidence. Make sure the physician listens to your concerns, gives you details about your health, and communicates effectively. If you’d like to obtain a second opinion, find a spine surgeon who welcomes that idea and is supportive as you seek the best treatment plan for your condition.

Ask your primary care doctor, family, friends and more for references for a reputable spine surgeon. Also find a doctor you trust who is open to providing references to patients who have undergone similar procedures to yours, so that you may ask them to share their experience. Dr. Fischer welcomes the idea of making you feel more comfortable by speaking with patients who have already undergone spine surgery.

Location and Insurance
Make sure the physician’s office and the surgical center are convenient for you, and also inquire about your insurance coverage with all healthcare professionals involved in your care. All of these elements play a role in your satisfaction with the spine surgeon you choose.

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