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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

  • Dr. Charla Fischer
  • May 09, 2018

Experts in the medical field are constantly researching and designing ways to improve upon methods used to give patients the best care possible. This is evident in the area of spine surgery, where professionals have developed the technique of minimally invasive spine surgery. This method is available for a variety of spinal conditions and offers many advantages to patients over traditional spine surgery. Not all spine surgeons perform minimally invasive techniques, but Dr. Fischer at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City is qualified and experienced in providing this innovative surgery to patients.

What is traditional spine surgery?

During traditional spine surgery, or open back surgery, part of the process is cutting into the skin and muscles around the spine to expose the damaged area. A large incision is required to access the spine, and the act of cutting the muscles typically results in significant pain for the patient after surgery. Minimally invasive surgery changes all of this, making recovery from surgery less painful.

How is minimally invasive spine surgery different?

The surgeon uses a tool called a tubular retractor to access the spine, splitting the muscles to get to the spine instead of cutting them. The procedure then involves using special instruments and a microscope to effectively perform the operation. The incision required for minimally invasive spine surgery is small compared to open back surgery.

What are the benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery?

There are a number of ways that this surgery improves upon traditional methods:

  • Smaller incisions mean less impact on the patient
  • Splitting the muscles instead of cutting them means less muscle injury and reduced pain
  • Precise surgery means less blood loss
  • Minimally invasive approach means shorter hospital stays
  • Faster recovery and less pain after surgery means a quicker return to work and normal activities

What conditions qualify for minimally invasive spine surgery?

Most often, conditions of the lumbar spine or lower back are most appropriate for this method. Some common conditions in which minimally invasive techniques may be used include:

Not all spine surgeries can be treated with minimally invasive techniques, but Dr. Fischer can discuss your specific condition and treatment options. If surgery is required, you can learn more about whether minimally invasive spine surgery is recommended for you or not. Rest assured, the best approach for your health and your lifestyle is Dr. Fischer’s goal.

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