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Understanding Cervical Pain

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Understanding Cervical Pain

  • Dr. Charla Fischer
  • Dec 18, 2020

Do you have pain in your neck? That means you are experiencing cervical pain. When there is damage or irritation in the discs between your cervical vertebrae, it can lead to pain and reduced range of motion. Often the symptoms dissipate over time with conservative treatment, but sometimes it warrants a visit to a healthcare professional such as Dr. Charla Fischer.

The most common causes of neck pain can be as simple as sleeping in an odd position or straining while lifting something heavy. Repetitive motions with the neck such as looking overhead repeatedly can also lead to cervical discomfort. These types of neck pain are often temporary. Another very common culprit for neck pain is sudden violent force to the neck like from a fall or car accident. Injuries like these may be sudden and acute.

Occasionally the root cause of cervical symptoms is more serious. For example, Dr. Fischer sometimes diagnoses bone spurs that pinch the spinal cord and associated nerves. Herniated dics may also be related to cervical pain.

One reason to visit an experienced physician is to rule out less common diseases that can display similar symptoms like meningitis, cancer or tuberculosis.

Cervical pain treatment varies widely depending on the cause. Dr. Fischer is able to get to the underlying cause of your symptoms and then can help you develop the best treatment plan. If muscle or ligament strain is the cause of your discomfort, it may be managed with cold and heat therapy, massage, physical therapy, or rest. Sometimes muscle relaxants are beneficial to relieve your symptoms or a soft collar may be recommended. Local injections of medications like cortisone may be helpful in alleviating pain while giving your cervical spine a chance to recover. Surgery is typically a last resort option for neck pain. Consulting Dr. Fischer is the first step in getting the help you need.

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